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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Let's See If Anyone Still Checks Here...

So I was facing a conundrum--I don't like putting my entire life on Facebook for the whole world to see, but at the same time I like to keep my family updated on things. Luckily, I remembered I have a blog! 

So I'm pretty sure most everyone knows that I'm dating Samantha from BYU's Foreign Language Student Residency's Spanish house. In fact, I think she's met everyone except those who live outside of Utah. Regardless, in case you haven't met her or need a reminder, Samantha is this beautiful girl right here =)

To give a little introduction, she's from Alaska originally and this is her first semester at BYU. But even though most of you have met her, you probably don't feel you know too much about her because she's so introverted. In fact, her reservation is one of the things that I think makes her fit in so well with our family. Here's why she already works so well with us:

First of all, she's a huge introvert like much of our family.

Second, she's super medically-minded. We got talking about different medical prescriptions one day and she offered a really technical explanation as to how the chemicals affect different parts of the brain to end up having a certain effect, and I remembered thinking "Wow, she'd keep up better than I do at our family's dinner conversation."

Third, she loves family =) she's really close to her mom and especially her little brother, which I find super sweet. Seeing her Skype with her little brother made me think of the way Courtney interacts with her girls.

Now here are some things that I, personally, am completely crazy about her! =D

1. She's a big culture dork like I am. I've told her about my plans after graduation (i.e. going back to China to work/save up money for grad school), and she thinks that traveling/living/working in different countries around the world sounds like a dream (the exception being the Middle East)

2. We have the same sense of humor. I found out in my last relationship that differing senses of humor can really suck the fun out of a relationship.

3. She's gorgeous =)

4. She's super easy to talk to. Casual conversation, things that are important to you, sharing opinions, etc. I never feel like I'm going to be judged for what I say, and it makes it so easy for me to feel comfortable around her.

5. You don't always have to be "on" around her. Some people you feel like you have to constantly be talking to or entertaining. With Samantha, it's completely comfortable driving in a car just listening to music, not talking. 

6. Despite being really timid at first, she turns into a big goof ball when she warms up to you =) I tell Ryan, Matt or Bri things that she says/does when it's just us two, and sometimes they don't believe me because she's so reserved around them.

7. Did I mention how pretty she is?

8. She loves cats

And speaking of cats....

This is Purrcy (pronounced Percy)

Samantha really wanted to adopt a kitty because she misses her Purrl (Pearl) back in Alaska, and I also wouldn't mind a cute little cuddle-buddy either. I wasn't on board at first because the Foreign Language Housing has a no-pets policy, but After discovering that Matt and Bri were more than happy to let the kitty stay in their house until they move in January, it started to seem more possible. Then Ryan said if I'm still living in the Chinese house next semester, he'd take Purrcy down to Texas when he moves back and keep him until after I graduate next year, at which point I could just drive down to Texas and get him back for when I go to grad school. I was planning to adopt a cat after I graduate from BYU anyway, so it seemed like if having a cute, cuddly kitty would lessen the stress of living an entire country away from home for Samantha, I didn't see any real reason not to adopt him considering that I was going to be able to keep him.

Aside from which, I saw how well adopting Olive worked for Lisa and Gordon, and how well Koko worked for Matt and Bri when they were all still dating ;)

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